lunes, noviembre 30, 2009


Rectifico mi anterior post sobre Dubai. Segun informa Reuters, el Banco Central de Dubai, que es el mismo emir Al Maktum, informó que no se hará cargo de la deuda de Dubai World. El 11 de noviembre había dicho al Financial Times otra cosa:

Dubai tells skeptics to shut up
Dubai’s rulers have lost patience with suggestions that
all is not well with the emirate’s finances, or that relations with Abu Dhabi are strained.
As the FT
reported on Monday, Dubai’s Sheikh is having none of it:During a speech to investors, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum turned from Arabic to English to deliver a strong reassertion of national unity, saying: “To the people who nag about Dubai and Abu Dhabi, shut up!”
“The second tranche of the bond programme will be well received and it will be used to meet current and future obligations,” the ruler, who is also prime minister of the UAE, said in Monday’s speech

"A los que hostigan a Dubai y Abu Dabi, ¡cállense la boca!". Ni el Néstor podría haberlo dicho -y hecho- mejor.

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